Brussels Team

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Open Montenegro has a representation in Brussels with the following functions:

1. Informational– The basic mission of the office is to research, connect and inform on EU policies and activities. We channel these information to local authorities, civil society and any other stakeholder interested in European affairs. OM is a hub facilitating cooperation between EU level institutions and local/regional members

2. Representational – OM represents Montenegrin partners in Brussels. We promote and support cooperation. We consolidate existing relations and support establishments of new European partnerships. OM participates in conferences, seminars, briefings and other events in Brussels and beyond, while representing interests of the local partners.

3. Technical assistance
 – Being located in the heart of Europe, Open Montenegro helps local partners  understand and overcome the complexity of the EU maze through the following support functions:

  • Informing interested actors about the deadlines for submitting and implementing projects
  • Providing consulting services for preparation of EU projects
  • Undertaking required actions to find European partners
  • Monitoring the evaluation process of submitted projects
  • Organizing information sessions, conferences and other types of events on European issues in Brussels
  • Hosting our members’ representatives when they visit Brussels