About Us

OM (Open Montenegro) is a unique platform that provides critical and timely information about Montenegro and the European Union. It fosters cooperation between EU and Montenegro and promotes economic, democratic and social developments. It encourages transparency, democracy, dialogue, and debate. OM scrutinizes, engages and inspires, while offering a forum for ideas and discussions with the aim to promote open society and empower citizens.

NGO Infomont and a group of young professionals who were eager to promote democratic principles and stand behind core European ideas established OM in 2010. They were driven by determination to bring the EU closer to Montenegro and Montenegro closer to the European citizens. Currently, OM represents an informal and a non-profit network of several Montenegrin NGOs, consultants, bloggers, and analysts. OM promotes relationships between public, private and third-sector on the local, regional and the EU level.

Steady development of Montenegro would inevitably guarantee stability and prosperity for the Western Balkans, while ensuring full integration of the European continent. OM believes that this could be accomplished through formal and informal linkages between international and non-governmental organizations, governmental bodies and public agencies, regional and municipal institutions, business actors, academia, civil society and individuals. OM eagerly facilitates this process and advocates that open, prosperous and connected society is the key to sustainable Europe.

OM aims to:

INFORM – OM informs Europeans and Montenegrins alike. It provides own commentaries and opinions on latest developments in political and socio-economical spheres from the EU, Europe and Montenegro. On the other hand, OM also shares thought-provoking reports and viewpoints of others in order to provide impartial platform of information. Ultimately, OM hopes to provide the essential EU knowledge to the local stakeholders.

CONNECT – OM connects organizations, institutions and other formal and informal stakeholders from Montenegro and the EU in order to form long-lasting partnerships and knowledge networks. It is an interface between the EU institutions and local partners/members. OM aims to ease coordination and implementation on various regional and European level projects and programs.

FACILITATE – Know-how of OM assists stakeholders to easily access information on EU projects, funds and events that are of interest to them.  OM offers technical assistance to local partners/members in order to ease understanding of requirements and overcoming of the overwhelming complexity of the EU maze.

STRENGTHEN – OM encourages citizens and stakeholders within civil society, media, academia, business and governmental bodies to engage in various projects, discussions and initiatives related to the European Union and its issues. It strengthens civil society through trainings, seminars and conferences on EU related issues. It builds capacities of the local stakeholders.

RESEARCH – OM aims to develop studies and to draft policy proposals relating to European integration and Montenegro. It provides assistance to actors from public or private sector, local and European agencies in relation to Montenegrin and EU issues.

REPRESENT – OM participates in conferences, seminars, briefings and other events throughout Europe. It represents local partners in networks and working sessions abroad.

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